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Ask RoboI have to pay premium for LIC policy which is around 39000 yly and for that I want suggestion from you that in which fund should I invest for 1 year as monthly sip which would give me maximum return and also how much amount should I go for 3000 or 3200 according to you sir? Please suggest
Sourabh Dutta asked 2 years ago
3 Answers
Roboadviso answered 2 years ago

Hi Sourabh,
We should invest in debt funds only as the time horizon suggested by you is 1 year only and in that time horizon, you should invest in those products which do not have relation with equity markets as equity can give you negative returns in one-year time> The recommended debt fund is as follows.

  • Franklin India Ultrashort Bond fund 

This is an ultra short-term debt fund which does not have any exit load and you can easily withdraw the amount in one working day.
Ideally, you should not invest in LIC or any savings oriented insurance products [except Term Insurance ] as they provide very less return in comparison to other financial instruments available in the industry. We should only take term insurance from insurance companies and for investments, it is recommended to invest in Mutual Funds.
Happy Investing!

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