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Ask RoboDear Sir, I have recently started investing into 3 mutual fund houses (SIP) on my own with a little bit of research and recommendations made by some MF websites. I am currently aged 35 and started investing into 3 funds as of now. My primary goal for the investment is retirement (retirement goal amount approx Rs. 50-70 Lakhs with moderate risk profile) and can stay invested for approximately 15-20 years. Below given is my current mutual fund portfolio: 1. L&T Mid Cup direct (Rs 1500) 2. Kotak Standard Multicap Fund – Growth (Rs 1500) 3. Nippon india liquid fund direct growth (Rs. 1500) 4. Planning to add one more fund in my MF profile (your suggestion is needed). I am looking for your financial expertise in this regard. Does my profile need any reshuffling or can continue with the selected fund houses? Thanks and regards,
SAMIT asked 3 months ago
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