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Lets check your financial health today!!

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Let’s check your financial health today!! 

There are many ways to gauge the financial health of a company. What happens when you want to run the same analysis for yourself?

Personal Finance Journals points out to three basic financial ratios to learn about the financial health of an individual.

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*Liquid assets – all the assets which can be quickly converted into cash, i.e. within 3 – 4 days.

Okay, we can now find out how we are faring at the financial front but what next? Let’s look into a process whose integral part is formed with understanding these ratios and correcting them. It is called Financial Planning!

What is Financial Planning?

Every individual has financial goals, some are achievable and some are distant dreams. The process which makes you differentiate between the real and surreal goals is financial planning.

Let’s look at the process:


How does this complex looking process help me? 

  • Facilitates collection of optimum funds
  • Base for financial control
  • It links present with future


For whom does it make sense?

  • You need help with planning your financial future.
  • You don’t want to deal with money.
  • You want an impartial third party opinion on your money.


All said, irrespective of the age group if your financial objectives fall in above brackets, you should consider consulting a Certified Financial Planner or Wealth Manager.

How many types of financial plans are possible???

We at RoboAdviso will help you make a suitable plan depending on your financial goals and risk appetite. Feel free to contact us contact@roboadviso.com or call us at 9015615190.

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