Heat Map of Indian Stock Market - Is Market under or fairly valued from anywhere?

Heat Map of Indian Stock Market – How is Market Under or Fairly Valued from anywhere?

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These days, leading newspaper and journals are carrying interview of top fund and portfolio managers for their view on Equity  Market Valuation.

Lots of Managers and top notch advisors have put on record that market is fairly valued or even under valued and there is lots of steam left in the market to run for few more years even after the bull run of last 4 years.

We would like to ask these managers to explain us how is the market under or fairly valued when following heat maps tell us some other story.

Heat Map of Indian Stock Market:

Historical P/E Ratios – Nifty 50 (Monthly Average)

Historical P/E Ratios – Nifty 500 (Monthly Average):

Investment in Equity is important but its more prudent to be a conscious investor who ensures that capital erosion is minimal and profit is maximum.

Happy Investing!

Source for Table – www.stableinvestor.com

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