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10 Different Types of Mutual Funds Available in India for Investment
 19th August, 2017 Mutual Funds  0
different type of mutual funds
There are several different types of mutual funds. Before making an investment, it is important for all to understand the goals and objectives of the...
Dream Big – Best Book in India on Mutual Fund Investment to Grow Rich
 19th August, 2017 Asset Allocation,Mutual Funds,Overview  0
Dream Big - Best book on Mutual Fund Investment to Grow Rich
CNBC TV18 has published a book 'Dream Big' which has been authored by Dr. Mukesh Jindal. The book has been pre-launched by amazon and is...
What is Mutual Fund NAV? How is NAV calculated? Should you avoid Funds with High NAV?
 4th August, 2017 Mutual Funds  0
mutual funds NAV calculation
What is Mutual Fund NAV? The NAV or Net Asset Value of a mutual fund refers to the total value of assets, net of expenses,...
Growth versus Value Investment Style in Mutual Funds
 29th July, 2017 Financial Planning,Mutual Funds  0
Value Vs Growth Mutual Fund type style investment
Equity or equity based mutual funds can be grouped under several different fund categories and types. However, value and growth are its two main classifications....
Investment Planning for Your Child’s Education – Important Goal
Best Child Education Investment financial planning
One of the most important expenses of the average middle class Indian family - Child's Education; is increasing at a rapid pace. No matter where...
Difference between Liquid Funds and Ultra Short Term Mutual Funds
 25th June, 2017 Mutual Funds  0
Debt mutual fund liquid ultra short term difference
Liquid Funds and Ultra Short Term Mutual Funds are both important categories of Debt Mutual Funds in India. What is Ultra Short Term Fund? Ultra...
Are Infrastructure Mutual Funds a Good Bet for Investment?
 21st June, 2017 Mutual Funds  0
Infrastructure Mutual Fund
Infrastructure Mutual Funds which always used to lag behind have also surprisingly performed very well during this period. They have clocked returns of 31.8 percent...
Best Retirement Pension Planning through Systematic Withdrawal Plan(SWP)
 18th June, 2017 Financial Planning,Mutual Funds  0
best retirement pension plan systematic withdrawal plan
Conventional investment options like fixed deposits are witnessing a dip in the interest rates. It makes sense to look out for investment avenues that tide...
Mutual Funds Sahi Hai – Finally Investors have picked right Investment
 15th June, 2017 Mutual Funds,Uncategorized  0
mutual funds sahi hai investment calculator advertisment
Mutual Funds Sahi Hai advertisement is running everywhere these days. the good thing is that the ad talks about all the right things for investment....
10 Best Mutual Funds for Monthly SIP Investment and Wealth Creation in 2017
 30th May, 2017 Mutual Funds,Top 5 Mutual Funds  0
top 10 best mutual funds for SIP India
An SIP or Systematic Investment Plan is a technique involving regular investments of a fixed sum in a mutual fund scheme. Investors can purchase units...
Why Mutual Funds with best returns have long term horizon?
 5th May, 2017 Mutual Funds  1
Mutual fund investment keep cal long term time horizon
Eating tasty but not so healthy food may be temporarily pleasurable but on a long-term basis, may not be fruitful later in life. On the...
What is Balanced Mutual Fund? Best 5 Balanced Mutual Funds for 2017
 9th April, 2017 Mutual Funds,Top 5 Mutual Funds  0
Balanced Mutual Funds which are mix of Equity and Debt is among the best offering available to investors for making prudent investment decision and enjoy...
What is Mutual Fund and how do they work in India?
 11th March, 2017 Mutual Funds  0
How do mutual funds work? Most of us have a large chunk of our savings as deposits in a bank. Besides bank savings accounts, we...
 Top 25 Mutual Funds to Invest in 2017 – Category wise
 21st January, 2017 Mutual Funds,Top 5 Mutual Funds,Uncategorized  0
Looking for the best mutual fund to invest in 2017? Here are the top 25 mutual funds to invest for the year, with top 3...
Equity Funds vs Debt Funds – What is the difference?
 12th December, 2016 Financial Planning,Mutual Funds  0
Mutual funds are mainly categorized into equity funds and debt funds.  Let us look at each of them in greater detail - Debt Mutual Funds:...
How are Mutual Funds Taxed? Must know Rules for Taxation on Investment
 9th December, 2016 Financial Planning,Mutual Funds  0
Tax Calculation on Mutual Funds One of the questions that many mutual fund investors have in their mind is about the taxation of returns from...
What is Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) – Benefits & How to Invest in Best SIP
 29th November, 2016 Financial Planning,Mutual Funds  0
A Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is an easy, convenient and smart mode of investing in mutual funds.  By virtue of an SIP, you can...
Expense Ratio in Mutual Fund – Does it really matter?
 3rd November, 2016 Financial Planning,Mutual Funds  0
You may have come across the term ‘expense ratio’ when you go through the fact sheet of a mutual fund. Expense ratio is the cost...
What is PE Ratio in a Mutual Fund? Is it really important?
You may have come across the term ‘PE Ratio’ many a time, when you read content on mutual funds or stocks. As an investor, you...
Banking Funds – Should you bank upon them?
The Banking Funds suddenly have become more attractive than ever, with the rate cut and positive signs on the revival of NPA (Non-Performing Assets). The mood...
Top 5 Equity-Oriented Balanced Mutual Funds – 2016
 10th October, 2016 Mutual Funds,Top 5 Mutual Funds  0
Equity-oriented Balanced Mutual Funds are recommended if you want to protect your investment during the downturn and yet capitalize on returns. These funds are a...